Planning your Safari

Denonanje Safaris organizes safaris throughout southern Africa. Depending on the time you as client has available, we can combine it with a unique visit to the Cape wine lands where you will be staying in the midst of the vineyards.

Your wildlife safari will be so organized that you will be able to experience the best of the African wilderness in comfort with the minimum of contact with civilization. The lodges are normally not camped - in and you will be completely in touch with nature and the game.

Whether you choose to stay in one lodge only within a private game reserve or whether you wish to safari to several lodges within larger unspoilt private concessions in wilderness areas, a complete safari package including transport will be arranged. Inter - lodge transfers in the large wilderness areas are normally by means of light aircraft which offers you the opportunity to obtain a birds - eye view of the wilderness below you. All-in-all, a wonderful and unique experience.

We provide you with a complete description and photos of the lodges or tented camps we select. The lodges and camps we use, pride themselves on their personalized services. Although a number of activities are normally included, the Safari is flexible and the lodges and tented camps are there to accommodate your wishes. If, for example, you don't feel like a game drive the next day, simply inform them and another activity can be arranged in stead. Or you can simply sleep late and have a delicious breakfast and lunch and then do something in the afternoon.


The climate may vary between different wildlife areas, depending on where they are situated. The "wet" summer season normally starts in late October and lasts through early March. But it is unlikely it will rain every day and sometimes weeks go past without any rain, depending on the area in which you safari. This season characteristically has hot sunny days sometimes with afternoon thundershowers. Average daily temperatures range from 20C-38C or 69F-98F. This green season is favourable for the viewing of newborn mammals, summer flowers and the migration of rare birds. Predator viewing during this time remains quite good.

The "dry" season normally runs from late March to end of October. The days are nearly guaranteed as fine and the temperatures vary according to season. In winter (June - August) temperatures can plummet to close to 0C with a daily maximum of around 26-28C. In autumn (April-May) temperatures are warmer with temperatures ranging from 10-32C. Spring (September - November) tends to get hotter again with ranges between 15-38C. The drier months between June and November are considered to be the peak game-viewing months


As far as clothing is concerned, light easy clothing is the best. Short and long trousers, jersey and thicker jacket for the evening and early morning game drives ( especially in Winter), short and long sleeve shirts of a neutral or mixed soft colour, covered sandels, sturdy and comfortable walking shoes and a hat or cap against the sun. A full laundry service is available at the camps.


This is your time for excellent wildlife photography and animal observation. Enough batteries, films, a small video camera as well as reflex cameras which can take 200 - 400mm lenses, and a comfortable 8x40 binoculars will ensure that your memories of the trip are preserved.

Medical precaution

Even if the safari takes place in winter months, one should take the necessary precautions against malaria and consult your doctor beforehand. From our experience the best method is to take a course of Larium tablets. These are taken once every week starting a week before you leave. That will give you time to see whether you are Larium friendly. Alternatively, a 100g of Cyclidox or Doximal capsule per day, starting two days before you enter the Wilderness. It is simultaneously a treatment against other insect bites and is easier on the digestive system. Take a good insect repellant with and a good neutral smell sun protection cream .

Travel money

It is advisable to carry US Dollars with as cash, especially in Zimbabwe. These can be exchanged for local currency at the border or at the lodge. The Street rate is considerably cheaper but not necessarily legal. Credit cards can be used at all the lodges.


Ensure your passport is valid at least 6 months after date of departure and fax back the Pre-Arrival Guest Information form as soon as possible in order to allow us to assist in making your stay as pleasant as possible.

Rates and taxes

Rates are calculated in the currency as quoted and are normally inclusive of:

  • Government taxes
  • All game viewing activities
  • Laundry services, where applicable
  • All meals
  • Beverages, alcoholic or non-alcoholic , although some lodges charge extra for this

Reservations and payment procedure

This may vary from lodge to lodge but in general, provisional or confirmed reservations will only be held for 7 days after which the booking will immediately be released. Provisional reservations will only be considered confirmed once payment of a non-refundable deposit is received. If less than or close to 30 days from arrival date, full payment is required to confirm a booking.

All payments are to be done electronically with a faxed copy thereof sent to Denonanje Safari immediately afterwards in order to avoid any delays.

Cancellation conditions

Should a cancellation be received between confirmation of the booking and 30 days prior to arrival a 10% cancellation will be charged.

Should a cancellation be received between 0 and 30 days prior to arrival a 100% cancellation will be charged. Cancellation fees are calculated on the quoted and agreed price, package or otherwise.

It is therefore necessary that clients ensure that they are covered by a comprehensive travel insurance policy to offset unforeseen cancellation charges, medical expenses, personal baggage, emergency evacuation back home and money.

Registration at lodges

Please note that a wildlife safari may bring you close to wild animals and that camps are not normally fenced in. All guests will be obliged on checking-in at the lodges, to sign a registration and indemnity form reflecting the terms and conditions to whom they will be subject to ensure their safety and which will have to be observed at all times whilst staying in the camp/lodge.

Denonanje Safaris and the camps/lodges cannot be held responsible for delays or additional costs incurred as a result of airlines/charter companies not running to schedule for whatever reason ( including but not limited to weather conditions, international flight delays)

Denonanje Safaris is looking forward to assist you in your next safari. Contact us to obtain more information in planning your unique experience in the African bush.

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