Photo Safaris Experience

ps1An African bush experience is unique. Visiting wonderful remote wildlife areas from the comfort of a beautiful artistic designed lodge or tented safari camp,  will bring you that unforgettable moment in tranquility and luxury. It will renew your  sole and provides  spiritual repose, it engenders peace and harmony, it re-connects you to  your inner self and your loved ones, more aware of the joy, the beauty and the grandeur of LIFE. That is what Denonanje Safaris hopes to accomplish by arranging  your  safari to the remote wilderness of Africa.

A  photo safari provides you with the opportunity to see game close up from an open game vehicle and in the company of an experienced, well informed game ranger. Animals have largely come to accept vehicles as non-threatening and as long as visitors behave responsibly, close encounters with dangerous game hold little danger for them or the animal they are watching.

ps2Have you ever witnessed, with awesome fascination, a leopard heaving an impala above you, high into an acacia tree with sinew-stretching, muscle-rippling strength? And have the blood drip down on your vehicle?  If you can answer yes to this question, you must have been fortunate to have visited one of Africa's exclusive, luxurious game lodges and longing to get back to Africa's wildlife.

The routine at a private game lodge is generally a game drive  in the early morning and again in the late afternoon with a "resting-up" period in between interrupted  only by leisurely drinks at the poolside and a beautifully presented lunch.

You will be given the broadest possible exposure to the ways of the bush and, if you are more energetic,  a game walk under the guidance of a well qualified ranger, can  still be fitted in  the early afternoon.

ps3It is important to know that wildlife is a sustainable resource and part of the funds generated by your visit  is ploughed back into wildlife management and sustainability, apart from making  a positive contribution to the rural communities living on the edge of game parks.

In placing visitors in the various safari  destinations we select, Denonanje Safaris focuses on advising which safari lifestyle is best suited to the destination of your desires according to  your lifestyle preferences. We therefore match your profile to the destinations we know and recommend and do not try and sell you a particular destination.

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