Zimbabwe -Lower Zambesi Valley

Lower Zambesi ValleyThe Chewore hunting area has the Zambezi river to the North, and Zambezi valley Escarpment to the South. Sapi is to the West and Dande runs along the Eastern border. The area stretches for over 2,000,000 acres, offering the discerning hunter a wide range of game including elephant, buffalo, lion. leopard, hippo and plainsgame. The area is divided into North and South safari areas.

It is one of the largest, most remote least populated safari areas. The South safari areas covers over 400 000 hectares with  three camps of different size with en suite safari tents providing  a typical  remote bush experience. It is a pristine untamed wilderness area teaming with wildlife. There is an abundance of water from rivers and perennial springs. The terrain and bush types are very diverse making it a wildlife haven. 

Lower Zambesi Valley 2The weather from May to September is normally very pleasant, with daytime temperatures of about 30 degrees Celsius, which fall to about 10-15 degrees Celsius at night. Rainfall starts to decline in April, making May to October our driest period of the year. From October, temperatures start to rise rapidly and remain in the upper 30's through to March. Mid November brings the first rains and high temperatures are experienced and intensified by the oppressive humidity. The hunting season normally stretches from mid April to mid November

Lower Zambesi Valley 3Transport to the hunting area is either by charter plane or by road.

Trophies are well taken care of and can either be shipped to clients  in a “dip and pack”  state or in a made up trophy form by the high quality specialised taxidermies we are working with. Taxidermy work here are excellent and have won numerous international awards.

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