Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

Safari charges and fees

Prices are normally quoted in US Dollars or EURO and have to be paid in advance. This covers:

  • Full time service of a licensed professional hunter, tracker/skinner, and camp personnel
  • Accommodation, including towels and linen and daily laundry service
  • Full catering service with personal preferences being taken care if notified well in advance
  • Using of hunting vehicles
  • Field preparation of trophies
  • Hunting licenses and permits excluding CITES
  • A Big Game hunting safari normally begins the day after the hunter arrives at the camps.
  • Daily rates are as per our tariff schedules per particular hunting area. This does not include:
    • Gratuities
    • Shipment, customs clearance and cartage of trophies to taxidermist
    • Emergency medical evacuation cost
    • Game fees
    • Air charter and other transport from the nearest airport to the camp and return, unless otherwise specified
    • Hotel and other accommodation on arrival or before leaving Tanzania or Zimbabwe
    • Any other cost not mentioned

Reservations and payments

All payments are to be made direct into our  bank account by electronic (swift) bank transfer or as otherwise directed. No cheques will be accepted.

At placement of booking

  • 50 % deposit of total daily rates for the period booked
  • Hunting and firearm permits money (where applicable . Application forms are available)
  • Copy of first 4 pages of passport containing : full name, current address, passport number, where and when issued, place and date of birth, expiry date.
  • Four passport pictures
  • Copy of firearm license
  • Info on rifle calibre and exact number of rounds per rifle hunter is bringing with

Sixteen weeks before departure

  • Balance of daily rate total and conservation fees to be paid.
  • No refund of the deposit can be made if the safari is cancelled within sixteen weeks of commencement date unless the safari can be rebooked or a replacement booking can be found.

Game fees

Game fees cover the animals shot or wounded. Please consult our game fee list. Game fees,  field preparation  and  crating  have to be paid in camp.  They are refundable if an animal is not shot, before the hunter leaves the hunting area.

Freight of trophies

The above rates do not include the airfreight of trophies to South Africa or elsewhere, any import and wildlife permits, customs clearance of trophies and transport to taxidermist of your choice. This is arranged by a freight forwarder to the account of the hunter.  We will monitor this process continuously.


Hunting is a dangerous sport that involves risks. Although all possible care is taken to safeguard you and your property,  Denonanje Safaris does not accept any liability whatsoever for damages of any nature, loss of life,ilness or accident etc. i.r.o. of persons participating in the hunt as well as observers.  An indemnity form has to be completed and signed on arrival in camp before any hunt may commence. We also accept no responsibility for any changes to governmental policy and fees re hunting and no  gurantees are made for any animal that are not obtained during the hunt.

Special offers

From time to time Denonanje Safaris may offer special hunting packages at reduced rates and terms and conditions that may vary from our normal price lists.

Customs and other procedures

If departing from  South Africa please ensure to apply for a rifle/ammo temporary import export permit under Form SAPS 520.. Please consult us in time to advise you step by step in advance and what documentation to bring with. If you are traveling via Johannesburg International Airport in transit to Zimbabwe or Tanzania, you might consider to on - book your rifle from your original port of departure onto the connecting outward bound flight, although this is risky. The reason is that when you clear South African Immigration ( you are then in South Africa) and wish to collect your gun for re – booking onto your connecting flight, you will have to complete at the airport a South African Police  application ( SAP 520 ) for a temporary import and export permit. If you plan to follow this route, contact us in advance to advise and assist you with  the appropriate procedure.

If you are flying in from Europe or the USA direct into Zimbabwe, you would only have to complete an application for a temporary import/export permit on arrival at Harare Airport. When flying direct into Tanzania, your permits will be waiting for you on arrival. Normally, try not to on-book your rifles on connecting flights. They might get lost or damaged in the process. Rather collect from each flight and re-book them onto your next flight.

Its important that you also beforehand check with your airline what procedures have to be followed and what permits to  be applied for to enable you to check your rifle in to your destination. Some  countries, including South Africa, have strict transit procedures for which transit permits have to be applied for which  conditions are made applicable to airlines. We advise to use as far as possible one airline from departure to destination in order to avoid unpleasant non arrival of your rifle and ammo.

Health & Insurance

Insurance cover and especially emergency evacuation cover is recommended.  In South Africa, policies covering your period of hunt could possibly be taken out at ISOS , Midrand or Discovery Health or any equivalent service provider.Check also with your own insurance company.

There are well-known, respected and experienced international  companies like Global Rescue, Sportmans Travel and ISOS that offer high quality comprehensive, affordable insurance products designed specifically for traveling hunters, their observers and outdoor adventurers that includes emergency medical evacuation. Insurance can normally be purchased up to 24 hours prior to departure, but conditions and coverage may vary, ISOS is also now stationed in Midrand, South Africa and has teamed up with Discovery Health to offer their medical evacuation package.Check it out.

Yellow fever  injections have  normally beencompulsory for Tanzania but may have by now been lifted by the WHO. These can be done at your nearest travel clinic who will advise you and a health travel document is provided. Malaria prophylactics should be taken at least one week before departure and for three weeks after you have left the hunting area. We advise you to purchase a good but not too smelly body insect repellant. Not that anything helps very much against the Tsetze fly, especially when you have your dream buffalo lined up in the scope.

A  medical kit is available but please bring with your own personal medicines and advise us of any particular health ailment you are suffering from.

Travel and clothing

Apply well in advance for a Tanzanian or Zimbabwean visa at the nearest Embassy or Consulate. South Africans do not require a visa for Zimbabwe and Tanzanai.  Some  visas may be required for US and West European citizens entering South Africa but please check with your travel agency for the latest regulations.

If departing from South Africa, South African Airways (SAA) has regular direct flights from Johannesburg International to and from Dar es Salaam as well as Harare.  The SAA is also experienced in handling your rifles and ammunition which are packed into a special container. Ensure your rifle and ammo is packed in seperate cases. Travel light. Not more than 15kgs plus rifle are allowed on the small charter single/twin engine aircrafts. 



On arrival at the airport nearest to the hunting area you are chartered or driven direct into the hunting area. Accommodation varies between hunting areas. In the Selous it is in tented camps like in the old days with en-suite open air but side-enclosed grass bathrooms. You are deep in the bush and there are no electrical point although there is a generator for the lights and for charging batteries. Hot water is provided daily by the camp staff for showering and shaving. Laundry is done on a daily basis. Cooking is done by trained chefs and a variety of dishes are provided.  What an experience to taste buffalo steaks prepared in a typical Swahili/Zansibari way. Please provide us in time with any special dietery wishes you may have.

The beautiful and exotic island of Zansibar is close to the Selous and a one day and night visit can be fitted in without much extra cost. Please consult our flyer page on Zansibar.

In Zimbabwe, Goke North and Chewore South , you can be  flown in from Harare airport direct into the concessions and from there by vehicle to the  camp, or by road trasnport which is cheaper but takes a couple of hours.

Rifles, permits and ammunition

In Tanzania, you are allowed two rifles and one shotgun with 100 rounds of ammunition per rifle. Nothing smaller than a .375 H&H. Firearm details needed for the permits: Type, Make, Model, Calibre, Serial Number, Rounds of ammunition (exact, since Customs verify same)

Clothing & accessories

Daily laundry is done, so you can spare on weight

  • 3 light colour neutral khaki/ cotton shirts with front pockets. Two with long role-up sleeves. preferably without Velcro pocket closures.
  • 2 light short trousers and two long light hunting trousers
  • Good light hat/cap in khaki colours to protect against the sun.
  • Comfortable light hunting shoes.
  • Open sandles
  • A light but warm hunting or ordinary jacket for the chilly Winter mornings and evenings.
  • Good sunglasses
  • No shiny watches and belts that could reflect the sun
  • Mosquito and  tsetze fly repellant, lip balm, sun protection cream
  • Medical kit to cover possible aliments like diahree, flue, headaches, etc
  • Small torch with batteries
  • Small light rucksack

Happy hunting!
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