Tanzania - Selous Game Reserve

sel1With 50,000 square kilometers, the Selous Game Reserve is the largest and wildest conservation area in the world. It is named in honour of Frederick Courtney Selous, the famous hunter and conservationist. His grave can be visited from the camp.

This vast and remote reserve is divided into two unequal sectors by the mighty Rufiji River, its tributaries and a succession of ox-bow lakes. The northern sector is geared towards photo safaris with some hunting blocks. The larger south is more the domain of hunting concessions. Dont expect five star quality. Your will hunt deep in Africa in the traditional hunting way  with neat and comfortable bush quality the order of the day.A beautiful original tented camp in the over 1,000 sq.km. Selous concession provides accommodation  in safari tents with en-suite grass enclosed bathrooms with hot/cold shower, flush toilet and wash basin. A variety of tasty meals are prepared by trained chefs. By law all camps have to be demolished at the end of the hunting season just to be re-erected the next season. The area is ideal for hunting the Big 4, Hippo and Crocodile.

sel2But no animal symbolizes Africa quite like the buffalo and this area boast some  large buffalos herds and good  hard bossed dagga boys not to speak of magnificent Nyassa Wildebeest, Northern Zebra, Lichtenstein Hartebeest, Roosevelt Sable and Impala trophies. Hunting starts at dawn led by an experienced professional hunter and trackers. 4X4s are used for transport in this vast unspoilt terrain. The search continues by vehicle until tracks of the sought after animal is located. Elephant and buffalo the tracks are followed on foot until the animal is spotted. If the animal is of good trophy size a stalk is conducted, and with diligence and stealth paying off, the animal is taken.

In the Masaailand concession, plains game like the lesser Kudu, Grants and Thompsons Gazelles, Gerenuk, Oryx and other plains game are hunted from beginning of July to end of December.

Denonanje Safaris assists in advising on the transport of  your trophies to  the taxidermist of your choice.  In South Africa, we assist in ensuring  that your trophies are processed by the best possible Big Five taxidermist according to your special wishes.

sel3A successful hunt in the Selous and Masaailand can never be completed without afterwards visiting the famous Zansibar island and its Stone Town at little extra cost. You are chartered direct from the concession to Zansibar.

Information on this unique tropical island is available from  Denonanje Safaris which assists you in finding the right accommodation in a typical Zansibari atmosphere.

Contact us for a full inclusive quote on a customized hunt for 14,16 and 21 days safari


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