Price List - Masailand

Masaailand hunts are normally quoted in combination hunts with buffalo and other Big Game and Plains Game hunts in the Selous since the main Plains Game species taken in Masailand on a 10 or 16 day hunt are the following

  US $
Grants Gazelle 750
Thompsons Gazelle 750
Wildebeest - white bearded 975
Warthog 565
Impala 315



Lesser Kudu ( $3,800), Gerenuk($3,800) and Fringe eared Oryx( 3,800) can only be taken on a  21 day hunting license, however we hunt these on a 16 day daily rate basis. A 21 - 28 days combination hunt for Big Game and full Plains Game species in the Selous can also be ideally combined with these special Plains Game  species in Masaailand.

Contact us to quote you on your specific requirements.

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