Getting your Elephants in a Row!

c1Denonanje Consulting  is a value added project designer, - from the concept to the implementation in the safari business.

Lodge and game ranch development and the positioning thereof in the international  market place is its specialty. As such, it  assists potential clients,  who wish to invest and develop a game ranch, or  building a safari lodge,  in their strategic planning and development on a focused project plan basis. A survey  and analysis of the factors critical for a successful project  completion is done, i.e.,

  • Objectives and strategic planning
  • Natural determinants
  • Physical determinants
  • Game ranch  and lodge design and planning
  • Management
  • Marketing and sales

c2As part of the project,  a very experienced  and professional  architectural and contractor team with a strong ecological focus, assists  in conducting  and managing the physical appraisal, feasibility study, design development, construction, site inspection and delivery phases.  It is often a multi tasking requirement which requires specialised skills. The architects� passion for nature and their belief in the potential of the ecotourism industry to generate sustainable development have resulted in unique designs, using Afro centric themes, materials and the environment to satisfy the specific needs of sensitive sites and "experiential" tourism.  There is a strong  focus on  the design & development of lodges, resorts  and  hotels in the ecotourism field.

It is a formidable team that includes every possible aspect and detail of the project  that would make you, as an investor  and client relax,   leaving it  in the hands of  the experts to realise your dreams, concept and objectives.

* Vuyatela camp by Crafford & Crafford

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